Architect:  Pooya Goudarzi
Country: United States

[author title=”Pooya Goudarzi” image=””]The architectural designer Pooya Goudarzi founded VerteX Design Studio in 2010. Since finishing his master’s degree in architecture from Azad University of Tehran, Pooya has been a key member of several architecture firms, including Metaforms (West Hollywood) and Langdon Wilson International (downtown Los Angeles). As the senior designer, he has led more than 100 diverse projects. His work has been presented on prominent stages such as Anaheim Convention Center Expansion and Khandama Competition in Saudi Arabia.
Pooya comes from a family of keen and active architects, including his older brother and his late father. This family milieu presented him with a unique opportunity to grow his inner interests in a rich and productive soil. In the recent years, Pooya has developed a profound love for concrete. His unique vision has enabled him to successfully integrate the art of architectural design with the alchemy of concrete making. The fruit of this marriage is VerteX Design Studio, encompassing a platform for architectural design and a design-build concrete shop. Pooya’s line of products includes tables, stools, countertops, tabletops, lights and other accessories.
Pooya’s certifications and qualifications also include International Associate AIA, Leed AP, California-licensed realtor.