Honorable Mention | Urban Design (Concept)

Firm Name: Mohammed Mansoor
Participant  Name: Mohammed Mansoor
Country : India
The India’s population has reached 1.2 billion and continues to grow, resulting in a steady migration from rural to urban areas. Increase in population and number of cities goes hand in hand with a greater exploitation of the countries limited resources. Our cities are in the process of reorganizing itself, redistributing densities of buildings and population. Cities are growing day by day, as far as high as it can get, while at the same time their centers are exacerbated with inadequate space and chaotic activity. Every year, more cities are feeling the devastating impacts of this situation. What are we to do as architects?  What means do we have to address this challenging reality?
The paucity of the current growth is the lack of pedestrian pathways and social interaction spaces which are completely neglected by Automobile centric development that our cities are undergoing. Where do we find spaces for recreation when only available spaces for the pedestrian are the traffic islands? In order to address this issue we need to re-look at Infrastructural development in our cities, which address only to ease vehicular movement, they also need to rethink social development along our city roads.
In the 21st century, Climate change and Sustainable architecture have become increasingly a subject of architectural discourse, shifting focus from automobile centric cities to pedestrian centric sustainable cities, which is clearly manifested in projects like New York High line, Promenade Plantee in Paris.
Indian cities gave me an insight of the issues in our cities, the inefficiency in the typology of the bridge par se and how one looks at the issue of connectivity in cities spread across the rivers. Throughout history these large structures have been associated with the pure mono-functional programs of urbanization without being re-looked as a multifunctional efficient structure.

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