The starting point of the project is the preservation of the site’s existing vegetation. All the built elements, even the access’ location, has been studied to preserve the holm oaks and the other surrounding vegetation and to connect it to the building. From the beginning, the approach was to open the house south, to enhance the luminosity of the spaces, and at the same time, enjoy the views to the surroundings.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Third Award | Category: Private Residence (Built)
Architects: ÁBATON
Team Members: Camino Alonso, Ignacio Lechón, Marta Hombrados, Cristina Alemán, Ángel Laguna
Country: Spain

The house is generated from the intersection of two structural walls of timber formwork: one guides the visitor from the entrance, across an outdoor walk between the wall and a row of cypresses, to the door. The other, separates the kitchen from the living room and extends to the outside porch. A series of volumes attach to these two walls, bringing forth a courtyard between them, at the very center of the house, which enables a succession of indoor and outside games: porch-living room-courtyard-dining room-outside. The structural system is based on the use of solid timber, using thin slabs with long spans and load-bearing walls of 12cm thick, that provide more versatility and cleaner spaces as compared to a system of pillars. All elements are prefabricated, bespoken and have a numeric control, which enable a perfect assembly and achieve a remarkable energy efficiency. From the inside, the structural timber walls are visible in some places providing a cozy and human atmosphere.

The outcome is an open, welcoming house, in continuous contact with nature, that develops in a controlled domestic scale with warm and intimate corners, despite being a 750m2 house.

The ground floor consists of a living room, a dining room, kitchen, office, library, tv room and guest room. The first floor has two separate volumes: one of them corresponds to the master bedroom; the other to three bedrooms. Also, in this floor the living room deck is enjoyed as a terrace. Lastly, a garage, a utility room and a cinema room occupy the basement.

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