Project Info

Architects: SGGB Arquitectos
Location: Boyeruca, Chile
Project Architects: Guillermo Bustos, Sebastián Guevara
Area: 190 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Nicolás Arancibia, Sebastian Guevara


The fishermen’s service building in Boyeruca consists of two distinct constructive layers, intentionally separated by semi-inverted exposed concrete beams. The lower layer, as a base, houses the functional programs of the building: hall, fishermen’s union office, kitchen, cold storage, fishing boxes, staff restrooms and customer restrooms for the restaurant. This operating condition is enhanced by the use of exposed concrete, black stone from the site and red metal gates.


The top layer, made of wood, houses the restaurant and fishermen’s union headquarters. It displays elements of the typical architecture of the south of the country, both in its morphology, construction process and color-wear.
Both modules are designed according to different weather variables: the first includes collapsible structure criteria in case of a tsunami, whereas the second includes protection from wind and water through a careful process of a black waterproof seal, the integration of an asymmetric gable roof, and the development of hidden waterways.
Next to them is the fishermen’s platform, protected from the southern wind through a strategic positioning of the project. It is designed as a public space important to the environment.