Designed for the high-end speculative real estate market, the Amalfi Drive Residence is a 8,550 sq. ft.  single family residence located in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Designed with a family in mind, the house was conceived of as a modernist villa.  With formal entry, Living, Dining, Kitchen, Breakfast area, parking for three cars enclosed, the house has 6 bedrooms each with it’s own bath, There is a dedicated Maids Quarters, full Guest Suite and large Master Suite with His and Hers Bath, Walk-In Closet and separate sitting area.  Finishing out the Program is the basement gym with it’s own exterior patio, wine cellar and theater to seat 12.
Team: Daryl Olesinski + Martina Linden

Located on a 16,000 sq. ft. property with both ocean and golf course views, tectonically, the house is designed in a “Z” formation separating the utility functions for the public and private wings.  Rising from a single story nearest the street to a two story mass along the north side of the site, the building appears gently from the street yet has an impactful impression as you enter the grounds and walk toward the entry.  As you approach the entry of the house, your given a direct view though the house to the ocean beyond.  Adhering to the strict design guidelines for the neighborhood, the building is set back from the street to allow for both a gracious entry and to capture as much of the potential view as possible to the rear of the property.

Designed to make the most of the expansive site, the house is open to the rear yard with large expanses of glass walls that slide away to allow for free flow from the interior to the exterior.  The solid mass of the board form concrete wall that sits against the motor court acts as a visual and acoustic barrier to the street and driveway while defining the public wing of the house.  A second board form concrete wall rises up over 26 feet high along the main stairway drawing your eye vertically to the second floor as a part of the entry hall.  The concrete wall extends beyond the continuous skylight, which allows for the wall to be washed with light throughout the day.

The use of the concrete as the strongest building material is set against the use of a warm Western Red Cedar siding and walnut flooring and cabinetry.  Balancing these materials out ids the use of crisp white steel troweled stucco, which makes a striking clean line against the blue sky.  The overall composition of building massing, spatial relationships, natural light, voluminous space, textural juxtaposition and a rich palette of materials and textures bring this building to life.

O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC, a boutique Design / Build studio is located on the Westside of Los Angeles.  Specializing in high-end residential design and construction, the goal for each project undertaken at O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC is to realize the vision and ideas developed through the interaction of design and the craft of building. From conceptual design and finish detailing to Contract Administration, O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC utilizes both their talent as designers and experience as builders to deliver the highest levels of design and construction for their Clients. Through the marriage of design and construction experience, O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC creates highly detailed, elegant and thoughtful buildings to suit each individual Client’s needs and budget.  Providing services concentrated on Building and Interior Design, our services are often extended to Garden Design, Furniture Design and Construction Management for our Projects. Each Project is individually approached through a complete analysis of the Client’s needs, their site, program and budget. It is our belief that each of these qualities plays a critical and equal role in the formulation of design ideas. This process and the ideas it generates create an appropriate and singular response for that individual and their project. Playing with a composition of interior to exterior spaces, solid to transparent massing, rough and cold to warm and soft materials, a composition of space, light and materiality is created. This composition and the balance it creates between the function of the program and the beauty of design is at the heart of all of O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC work.
To maintain the highest levels of quality and personal management of each of their Projects,O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC sustains a low workload, concentrating on the personal attention our projects and Clients demand. The Principals maintain an intimate relationship with the buildings, personally managing every aspect of the work. It is through this personal care and a never-ending demand for quality that results in the buildings and interiors they create. O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC does not believe that their responsibility ends when the design is complete, it is just beginning. The act of constructing the building is where concept and reality meet and that is where the design and building experience of O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC has the greatest benefit to the Client and their Project.

Daryl  Olesinski: Born and raised in Milwaukee WI, Daryl attended University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee receiving a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.  After completing under graduate studies, Daryl received his Masters of Art in Architecture from The Southern California Institute of Architecture.  The first few years of his professional life were spent working for various Architectural firms throughout the City of Los Angeles.  Critical to his education within the Profession, Daryl also was given the opportunity to construct several buildings throughout his seventeen-year career.  Serving as not only Designer but also as a Construction Manager, each side of the profession has influenced the other and the way in which the buildings of O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC are created.  Having started his own Practice in 2003, Daryl is partnered with his wife, Martina Linden and has been in practice together for over ten years.

Martina Linden: Martina was born and raised in Köln, Germany.  Receiving her Professional degree in Interior Architecture from the Fachschule Rosenheim Martina began her career working in Architecture offices in Munich Germany.  Moving to Los Angeles in 1997, Martina began work as a Lead Project Designer at CNI-DESIGN, an Interior Design firm specializing in corporate, retail and commercial interiors.  In 2006, Martina joined Daryl as Partner with O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC focusing on Interior Design projects in the office. Bringing the skills learned while within the corporate interior profession, Martina has performed services for Clients from Laguna Beach to Park City UT.  Focused on the inherent beauty of materials and how they interact to re-enforce the overall design approach, Martina’s design aesthetic has raised the quality of work at O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC.
Together, our design aesthetic is a subtle, clean and elegant regional modernism. Our work centers on the building’s ability to spatially expand beyond its walls into the gardens, patios, natural light and views of the natural landscape.  We believe in the beauty, texture and feel of materials and the way they interact with the space and light. Each aspect of our design work informs the other interwoven to create a seamless environment.  Committed to the advancement of regional modern design inherent to Southern California, Daryl and Martina both believes that the integration of the built to the outdoors is at the heart of Southern California residential design.