We all love our pets and want to be close to them all the time. However, because of the fact that they are smelly or dirty, we unwillingly put them outdoor, but necessarily this might make them anxious. The project is about how to make possible for people and pets to live in the same place, without bothering each other to reach the goal of comfortable cohabitation.
Designer :Wan Ju Chang
Location: London, United Kingdom
Status: Concept

Three levels

The criteria of the project depend on the height of space, dividing the space into three levels: cat can reach all levels, people can use level 2 and level 3, and dog only stay on the level 3.
Three components

Dogs usually spend 12-14 hours per day on sleeping depending on age and breed, cats normally sleep an average of 15 hours a day and the healthy amount of sleep for an average adult is about 7 to 8 hours each night. Therefore, bedroom design is obviously indispensable. Food and entertainment are also integral parts of their life. Based on the main animal propensities, there are three functional components in the space: bed box, dining wall ,and playing cubes.
Daily routine: 10:05 AM wake up from the bed box

Daily routine: 11:15AM dog having a walk and stuck its head in door

Daily routine: 16:20PM doing nothing but play on playing cubes

Daily routine: 20:05PM still waiting for dinner, where is human?

The relationship between humans and their pets has changed from domestic animals to pets as “family members”. We rely on each other and have become closer than before. There are lots of research about the benefits of living with pets. They give us company, unconditional love undoubtedly and even some unseen advantages. From the size of doors to the height of stairs, all architecture is designed for human size. However, architecture is not only for human as time goes on. Pet as part of family members, it not only provides a place where they can sleep and eat, but also involves their behaviors and activities into the environment.
Detail drawings and concept models

No matter we bring pets into our world, or they attract us into their space. There are two worlds existing in the same space, and space which two worlds overlapping, it provides us to interact and communicate.

Wan Ju Chang
Wan Ju Chang received her Master’s degree in Interior and Space Design form University of the Arts London in 2015. As a designer, her aim is to build a utopia for human and pet by creating a cozy dwelling, where free of conflict and full of content. During her graduate studies, all her projects are about the relationship between human and pets nowadays and attempt to spread awareness of the animal-friendly environment. After graduating Wan Ju has worked as an interior designer in an architectural firm and seeking for an opportunity to realize her dream.