The project was a renovation of an existing indoor shopping mall and restaurants. The entire building interior was demolished except for key exposed ceilings throughout the space including concrete waffles slabs and a large atrium skylight. Our design inspiration was the Norfolk Naval Shipyards across the river, we pulled in an industrial aesthetic as if this building was once a warehouse or factory space for the ship yards.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Interior – Commercial (Built)
Architects: Jeffrey Beers International
Team Members: Jeffrey Beers, Michael Black, Dani Hauser
Country: United States

The design team crafted the city’s latest and most dynamic new entertainment and dining destination using stained concrete, white-washed brick, blackened steel, reclaimed wood and exposed structural elements to evoke the gritty glory of bygone days when shipyards populated the waterfront. Located at each entry are ceiling panels of steel and wood that feature suspended rows of warmly glowing Edison bulbs. These not only illuminate the entries but welcome guests and set the tone for the entire décor. Wooden retractable bleachers provide fun, informal seating for guests yet can quickly be relocated and replaced by a stage for special events or removed for large parties.

An illuminated clock face, adorning the glass and steel elevator shaft, anchors the expansive new space while timber-clad skylights bring ample daylight into the interiors. Custom-designed, steel-framed planters introduce greenery throughout the interior, establish a human scale in the large space and are ingeniously fitted with casters so that they can be moved around the space in response to program and event needs. We also designed over-sized versions of classic games, such as Connect Four, that encourage visitors to play and interact.

The final results capture the Norfolk Naval Shipyards aesthetic in a warm/social hospitality environment. The central market is the gathering point for the whole project. 10 food stalls and multiple bars offer food options to all guests and then this space is bookended with multiple restaurants. The market has a stage for live music, large LED screen for sports, movies and activities for the community and has activated and inspired further development along the waterfront.

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