Once upon a time, there was a guy named Lac Long Quan who was Dragon species living in the sea and he fell in love with Au Co, like a Fairy living on a high mountain. They married and gave birth to a bundle of hundred eggs, then it hatched hundreds of children. Hundreds of children, half went to the forest, the other half went to the sea, they went everywhere and became the ancestors of Vietnamese people now.
Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Product Design – Fashion, Lifestyle, and Accessories (Concept)
Architect: Tram Nguyen
University: Da Nang University of Technology
Country: Vietnam

The image of a hatched egg is used as a symbol of life.

The museum consists of 2 main blocks: Administration block, tradition – education activities and Exhibition block; a sub-block: Canteen. The basement is divided into 2 areas: Staff parking area, storage and preservation areas of articles and Parking area for guests.

Traffic is divided into 3 main routes: Traffic for guests, Traffic for staffs and Traffic for articles. These three traffic routes are arranged separately, there is no overlap or cross, it creates conditions for participation in the activities of the project.

The shell of the egg covering the outside of the project is made up of a steel frame covered with concrete. The lower part of the shell is unevenly punched, in addition to taking the natural light for the project, it also creates a strange characteristic for the cover. Void space is also a factor to help the project to be airy.

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