Perhaps all of us dream of their own house somewhere in the forest or on a sea coast. Far away from city rush and closer to the natural silence. Because of big expenses for building and supplying a house it’s not always possible to have a second house.
Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Private Residence (Concept)
Architect: Artem Babayants Architects
Team Members: Artem Babayants
Country: Russia

But we’ve tried to make the dream come true! To give an opportunity to live where you always wanted to and safe the nature.

We tried to create a comfortable living area for a family of two in their own house. And the area of the land is only 30 m2! The house has dimensions 5x5m and four pillars raise it 60 cm above the ground. It includes a living room joint with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower. Big windows from floor to ceiling allow the daylight to brighten the interior and the wood burning fireplace fills it with warmth.

This tiny house is absolutely self-contained and can be installed in any place of the world without use of heavy equipment.

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