People are the soul of the city and public spaces serve as nodes in the city where people gather, and celebrate the goodness of the life. An artspace is a cultural community centre with the purpose of encouraging arts practice and providing facilities for the same. It is a place providing focus for the arts. This centre is meant to offer a centralized hub and portal where all the arts – performing, visual, musical, and literary- can be created, showcased, shared and experienced.
Participant  Name: Akhil Gopi
University: Kerala University
Country: India
The artspace also given importance to the space beyond the white cubes of galleries and black boxes of theatres. The architect­ure of the artspace needs to orient towards the objective of creating an engagement, architecture needs to be more closely responsive to the habitual actions and expectation in the experience of dwellings.
The artspace has a great potential as a significant hub of activity and attention with regard to the hub of activity and attention with regard to the arts, a matter of great importance in our society.