In General, Bugulma is a major diversified industrial, cultural and scientific center of the Republic, within geographically the industrial complex of South-Eastern economic zone.
I note that the city is not only a center of science, he is also the list of the best cities for school exams and is a high ratings.
Participant  Name: Aliya Minyazova
University: Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering?
Country: Russia
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So, I identified two positive aspects of the city – industry and science. But, as the industry is the framework, the standards, the science is more creativity, more imagination, and so on. Science is the basis of industry and inthe basis of everything else that man has created.On this basis, the design of the Museum is devoted to the scientific field, and ,in particular slant on students.
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The issue of creating additional academic space, which could to interest and entice the younger generation, in my opinion, interestingand even relevant.
Because, unfortunately, in schools, children are unable to reveal themselves completely under such areas as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology. This is due to the fact that the school
regulatory requirements does not allow to create additional space, namely a laboratory where school groups could to conduct experiments, research, etc. mostly such research school are laboratory work.
Also, the project aims to explore the existing image of the city. Bugul’ma, from the point of view of architecture, the old town. For the most part – that Khrushchev, 3-4xstorey building and 9 floors in the city centre.
Therefore, the attention paid to the image of the Museum, which is a kind of “contrast” amidst all monotonous architecture.
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Town planning situation and brief description of the plot.
The project site is located outside the zone of monuments of history and the culture of the city of Bugulma.
The site design is limited to:
-North-West: residential development mid-rise
SE: industrial buildings
SV: residential development mid-rise
SW: green spaces
With: school
In terms of zoning, the Museum consists of several blocks connected between
– the input block
distribution block
– the unit library
– a separate block for students
  exhibition unit
– unit administration and facility
– lecture unit
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In General terms, the Museum is placed;
the main approaches to the main street orientation to the cardinal, the prevailing terrain. Priority in the design the new building is a harmonious integration of the building with a total
the current landscape, as well as the maximum possible preservation of landscape characteristics of trees growing in built-up site.
Input, distribution, library, and exhibition units interrelated. Thereby we will create convenience for visitors to the Museum.
The lecture block is located on the second floor of a separate output unit on the side of the main facade. It will serve as not only a hall of lectures, also he will be one of the most important elements of the main entrance (the main reference to input).
The facade of the lecture block is made of a series of standing wooden boards, which smoothly flow into the block exhibition hall.
The administrative block is located in the South East of the building. He also stands out in bright contrast. The repository is directly related tothe property, but the entrance is on the opposite side.
Unit students located on the NW with a private entrance. It has himself the offices of computer science, several workshops and a private lecture hall of nebolshimi. there will be held meetings
prepodavatelej and students, for discussion of work done etc. The exhibition hall is the main structure element of the Museum, which occupies two floors. The first hall is the hall of industry, where will be exhibited different equipment, models, devices made by the children. The second room is the room of biology and chemistry.