Urban Art Center Landscape: This project locates at the bank of the Jialing River in Chongqing. Chongqing is a city known for its combined feature of strong BaShu culture, urban charm and contemporary industrial civilization.
Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Landscape Design (Built)
Architect: Y.An Studio(Shenzhen Y.An design consulting co., LTD)
Team Members: Zhou Jian’an, Li Jigang, Zhang Jie, Yang mei, Zhong Xinglin
Country: China

Field refactoring: At the beginning of the design, the site was nothing more than a one thousand-square meter land in front of the building. This is by all means cramped in the sense of the scale of modern landscape.
When stepping inside of the building structure, on the behind of it, the panoramic city skyline was showing gradually, which is the clear and comfortable.
On the basis of this, we tend to reconstruct this clear field by “adding an outboard rear field platform”.

MinimalismWhite space: This project is more holding on to one place of the city’s soul, with the idea of keeping it blank than using a minimalist Modern Design to create a new space style.
Based on this concept, the entire architectural space even got affected. The building facades is not only shallow and light, but also empty and simple.

Front court: Parallel connection between front court and municipal road. Noise and silence switch instantly. “The light and Jade Cong is liquid and the moon is clear.” Stand on the outside road to see, like this line low wall laid partition,It feels intimate. Do not deliberately create a sense of distance, because it takes all kinds of breath, also can be subtler.

Climbing up the stairs and reach the base of the front yard, everything is getting brighter. From the entry water curtain to the water view of the mirror. At the entrance of the experience center, there is a metal lattice art door. Water flows down like a shadow, is homage to art and time.
A bridge across the floating water, close to Penang metal lattice art gate, has a volume of more than 3 million liters. It is composed of a series of 300X300 cubes. The copper pipes, due to the difference of the density of the arrangement, presents different forms of permeability and changeability.
Within ginger, the looming “tree of life” and the arrangement control of nearly 300 photons are the key to refract the breath and growth of life.

Blank back court: Under the light of the wave pine flying carpet, tourbillon, smoke-filled moon eyes, art show of relaxed time, moon bar, and this plant around the cassette.
The moon can be seen everywhere, The back of the art center, especially the charm. Under the moon view, there is “clear light ten thousand miles, pure and pure like water” the feeling, also have “thin cloud flies sky ,bluster is like smoke” the feeling, this is probably because, more than a layer of graceful dance light shadow!

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