This is a church project located beside the shore in Philippines. Our team use the stories and verses in bible as our prototype of design.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022
Second Award | Institutional (Concept)

Project Name: RETURN TO LORD
Studio Name: ZHZQ Architects

Design Team:
Principle Architect: ZHENG ZHI HAO

Area: Philippines
Year: 2022
Location: Philippines
Consultants: ZHZQ Architects

Other Credits:

Turn To God | ZHZQ Architects - Sheet1
©ZHZQ Architects

The story begins when we walk forward to church on the path under the big cross. The further we go, we will find that the path ended in front of a pond, and if we choose another path to go, this is a aisle sink into the sea, and surrounding with high walls. It symbolizes the test of our faith.

Turn To God | ZHZQ Architects - Sheet2
©ZHZQ Architects

We usually live our life base on our own thoughts and our experience, it seems we are able to do everything or fix any problems by ourselves, until we are exhausted and finally find out it doesn’t work. We finally will discover that the easiest way, and the only way, to get the success in life is to return to Lord, rely on him and let his love pour on us, which symbolizes the light.

Turn To God | ZHZQ Architects - Sheet3
©ZHZQ Architects

Each step here consists of the stories, verses, metaphors, and wisdom Jesus told us in bible. Each step is part of the process to establish the faith in God when we approaching to the church. This Building consists of worship area, prayers area, training area, outdoor square and the spaces for Christians family and children to stay and play. There are several bed rooms and restaurant with the sea view. It’s designed for Christian and their families’ needs. Hope you like this concept. Jesus loves you.