Project Description: ­­­­Multi-level retail environments require strategic approaches that entice the customer to circulate vertically throughout the space. The four level locations for the new housing works thrift store was faced with that spatial challenge. The bag selected for this exercise was one that displayed a contrast piping highlighting the bag’s form and different compartments. During the bag autopsy, a system was extracted which uses a linear structural member that is used as a signifier for circulation and departments.
Architect: Yoo Kyung Lee
Location: 21 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011
Status: Concept

For this project, I selected bag item from my client housing works to find a design concept. Through a selected bag analysis, linearizing structural system member was extracted that can circulate throughout four level floors.

Incorporating the piping system to retail store and housing work client analysis, the piping can offer opportunities to frame the occupied surface of the floor but it can also acts outlines to divide space as well. The one long piping structure travels throughout from third floor to cellar.

Piping the spatial in the store drives the customers from floor to floor, transforming into space dividers, stairs, railing and canopy. It becomes a circulation direction for the customers to explore the store.

Yoo Kyung Lee
Yoo Kyung Lee is currently based in Seoul, South Korea as Architectural Visualizer & Designer. She graduated from Pratt Institute with B.F.A Interior Architecture and design (Honors) in 2017. She has one year experience working as Architectural Visualizer with Visaulhouse  (N.Y) where she gained her interest to create architectural VR and hyper realistic images to convey design information and stories. Also, she was part of interior design internship program with TPG Architecture during her academic years. She is looking for career opportunities in other countries to expand her design knowledges and practices.