Located in the heart Surabaya city which is the second largest city in Indonesia make this building plays a very big role in the sustainability, not only in energy part but also in the social, cultural, and behavior aspect.  Also, Surabaya is a heroic city, where young people in history brought a very big impact to the city, so that by that reason, bringing a mix-used building that is not just for commercial use is a need, to facilitate mostly young community and enhance their lives and creativity.

RTF Sustainability Awards 2017
First Award | Category: Mixed Use

Architect: David Kharisma Putra
University: National Taiwan University and Technology
Country: Taiwan

The facade design allows passive cooling and air circulation to have happened. Also, it allows the building to have natural daylighting without any direct sunlight. the design of louvers and also sun shading allows the light to come in. What more special is, this building is responsible for providing green spaces, not only in the ground level but also in the sky level, even the building facade. The top part of the building is a structure that holds a “forest” that can absorb and collect rainwater, so when the rainy season comes, the water will not be wasted and drainages to the city pipe but also will be treated for the reuse purpose.
Using simple element to unify all the building and the facade, a simple louver that is not aesthetically beautiful, but also very functional for filtering the sunlight and the air ventilation.

The form is purposely made to show the “wave” as represented by the shape of the ground areas. Every room in the social housing will also have a private garden that is extruded from the unit and the green space also behave as a shading.
At the end, a city needs a reminiscence to the history, a reminder of what was made it great. To Surabaya, a place for the young community to develop, a proper facility that is low in energy, that can show the wave, the ambition and also the aggressiveness of the users yet at the same time is humble and can be dependently independent to the surrounding is what needed.

An architecture that is also an icon to the city, an architecture that is also bringing a new lifestyle to the people to have new good habit and behavior.
The Social Wave, a place in Surabaya, Indonesia that merges the need of young community center including art and sport and also a social housing in the heart of the city. Linking the biggest shopping district and also the most historical site, be a bridge between the present and history.

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