Embarking on a journey through time, the Green Bridge of Baghdad celebrates the remarkable achievements of ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of what is now modern-day Iraq. It forms an iconic symbol that represents Baghdad and showcases Iraq’s magnificent history to the world and the nation.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Architectural Innovation of the year (Concept)

Project Name: The Green Bridge of Baghdad
Category: Architectural Innovation of the Year (Concept)
Studio Name: RAW-NYC Architects
Design Team: RAYA ANI | RAW-NYC Architects
Year: 2023
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Consultants: RAW-NYC Architects
Photography Credits: NA
Render Credits: RAW-NYC Architects
Other Credits: RAW-NYC Architects

The Green Bridge of Baghdad | RAW-NYC Arch - Rethinking The Future Awards - Sheet3

The design of the “Green Bridge of Baghdad” expands on the concept of a car/pedestrian bridge, by creating an urban public space that overlooks the Tigris river running underneath. The pedestrian bridge inspired by the shape of the heart and its different zones, forms a floating urban park that transforms the cityscape of Baghdad for its citizens. It comprises six distinct zones, each celebrating a unique aspect of Mesopotamian achievements and illuminating more than 3000 years of ancient legacy.

From the Mulapin zone honoring astronomers to the IM 67118 zone celebrating mathematical contributions, and the 12-60 zone reflecting the Base 60 number system, the bridge becomes an immersive exhibit of Mesopotamian ingenuity. The writing zone pays homage to the development of the Cuneiform script and seals used in administrative work. The Gilgamesh Theatre becomes a performance space celebrating literature from the Mesopotamian era, shedding light on poets like Enheduanna and epics like the Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Green Bridge of Baghdad | RAW-NYC Arch - Rethinking The Future Awards - Sheet4

The Art Space fosters community engagement through a mosaic wall inspired by Ancient Mesopotamia. It features tablets for people to paint and display their artwork, alongside commissioned pieces that showcase local artists and promote collaborations with international talent.

Mesopotamian achievements went further than the ones represented in the six zones of the park. The Farming Path serves as an urban farm, providing the community with an opportunity to learn about agricultural methods and savor fruits from native trees. Additionally, the Scent Path, adorned with fragrant flowering bushes, pays homage to the first advancement in the field of chemistry by a Babylonian noblewoman through the art of perfume-making.

The Green Bridge of Baghdad | RAW-NYC Arch - Rethinking The Future Awards - Sheet5

The bridge seamlessly integrates innovation and sustainability into its design. With water filters recycling Tigris river water for irrigation, and heterotrophic algae working as air purifiers, the bridge forms an ecosystem of its own for the community. Additionally, the installation of organic photovoltaic panels powers the bridge with a renewable source of energy.

The Green Bridge of Baghdad becomes a testament to Mesopotamian achievements and a beacon of inspiration for the people of Iraq by creating a landmark that will never cease in its intent to amaze.