Architecture should not be functional but also flexible, it should respond to actual human needs. As a carrer of time it must coherently mach history with modernity. City hall is a place with open-access for people, is full of new working spots and space for encounters with other people and culture. Furthermore is a perfect place to rest.
Project: The City Hall
Architect: Ewelina Cisak
Location: Sandomierz, Poland
Status: Concept
Year: 2016

Pic 1. Schemes explaine steps of designing form of the building
The shape of the building’s form, from the square side, follows an irregular composition of an urban frontage. The compositional axis which links the building and the square, makes a tranit passage. It divides the building into two parts. The opening of the building from the east site invite people to the interior and let more light into the building.

The form of the building is an attempt to try to combine the historic part of the building with it’s modern form. A bouleuterion is an antique prototype of a principal hall. The bouleuterion placed inside determines it’s division into two parts – historic and modern. This refers to the classic form expressed by a bouleuterion structure which serves as an auditorium and esposition.

A return to modernity is apparent in the materials. The historical part is dominanted by concrete and glass. Additionally in the modern part there is steel. City hall is a friendly place for people, with a transparent and transit frm in the city tissue and is also a symbol of antique traditions.

Ewelina Cisak
Ewelina Cisak at the present time holds a bachelor degree from the Cracow University of Technology in Poland. She’s a young architect and graphic designer from Kraków currently doing her master degree and living in Warsaw, Poland.  She collaborated with Autograf Studio in Krakow and MASSlab in Porto as an inteern architect. She actively participates in international architectural competitions and designing workshops. Since always a huge fan of every kind of art particulary architecture, who puts a whole heart, 100% investment and passion into projects she does. Besides those loves traveling, sports, cinematography, photography (and much more). Creative, positive and open minded.