Single house design for single-family , which disturb or destroy the beauty of the surroundings. Twist House starting from a case study of Narigua House. The concept I’m interested in the structure of this house. To create a single space, can see from the model develop (picture). Then, the space of single space created to develop into Twist House. In the house was designed to space like single space and must have a function. The user can really be used.
Architects: Tetle
Location : Saima , Nonthaburi , Thailand
Year : 2015 (From 2nd year architectural design project)

Twist house riverside residence, Overlooking view clearly located near many landmarks. Comfortable and close to Sai Ma Station, just leave the site. And a view of the river is already the site. The design is like the main activities the whole family can share. The living room and dining area is a large glass overlooking the river and spectacular views.

Twist House is also a connection between one layer to another layer. Space to see the flow of the home. Including circulation.

I’m a bachelor student from Faculty Of Architecture And Planning , Thammasat University. I interested in architectural design, decoration, and graphic design.
It’s hard to study in this field because I’ve to understand what user needs, context and must design space & form as meet the need of them. It’s a lot of work in this field so I can manage my time as well. I feel sometimes stressed and depressed. Sometimes I’ve to work in pairs or sometimes in groups. I’ve learned to teamwork. Thus I can adapt myself and work together with other people.
I’m sociable, outgoing, versatile, helpful, ambitious and tenacious.I always work with enthusiasm and accept the opinions of others.