Project Info

Architect: DHV Architects
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Principal Architect: Roel Brouwers
Structural Engineer: DHV B.V.
Building Systems Engineer: DHV B.V.
Architectural Lighting: Har Hollands
Contractor: Korteweg Bouw (Civil), BAM Installatietechniek (Electrical), Warmtebouw Utrecht (Mechanical)
Client: Simed Health Care Group
Project Area: 7,000 sqm
Project Year: 2005 – 2008
Photographs: René de Wit


The new head office for Simed Health Care Group, designed by DHV Architects, received the Audience Award of the Rietveldprijs 2009. The building provides a new dynamic work environment for the employees, and is capable of storing medical equipments. The main building is split into two sections, office and business hall. Designed as robust uniform spaces, the building responds to the adjacent existing hospital and Midden Weteringand. After the break are more photographs and drawings of this award winning design.


Exterior materials are durable and maintenance free, natural stone, aluminum, glass and expanded metal providing a solid and stylish appearance. Complimenting these are a wooden facade and soft polycarbonate providing a warm and welcoming appearance.
The architects felt it was important to not just create another office/industrial building. Rather they wanted to approach this design being sensitive to the relationship of the new building with its surrounding environment. They wanted to avoid designing simply a decorated shed of a particularly extroverted building. Their concerns were to creatively incorporate a high interior spatial quality with the importance of the exterior sensitivity, all within the client’s budget.