Second Award | Cultural (Concept)

Firm Name: Archon design
Participant  Name: Arturo Rojas Cardona
TeamMember: Arturo Rojas,Cardona, abraham ochoa, fernando tellez, mario gonzalez, adrian hernandez, tadeo mendoza
Country : Mexico

The Basilica for Our Lady of Guadalupe, to be located in Des Plaines, Illinois, should accommodate 3,700 people and provide many secondary spaces. This design combines both the history of the place and requirements that are imposed on a contemporary church with symbolic value and aesthetics.

Unlike a secular building, where the focus primarily lies on the programmatic and functional aspects, a church has additive characteristics that need to be considered. Therefore the design of the new Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe derives from four major factors. The history of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Secondly, the symbolism of Our Lady of Guadalupe plays a large role in the shape of the Basilica. Thirdly, classical Christian symbolism. Lastly, the atmosphere within the church should be designed as a place of worship and communal gathering.
The basic elements of Christian symbolism, the circle, the square and the cross, are reflected in this draft. In term of forms, the perimeter of the church in the spatial as well as in the lyrical sense is a circle. The circle symbolizes unity, the absolute, the perfect—the divine order. It is a symbol of heaven thus, the circle acts as something warm and comforting. It emphasizes an atmosphere of “togetherness”.

Within this circumscribed circle is the roof. Its outline is described by a square transformed into a Cape. Unlike the circle, the square stands for the earthly existence, points to static perfection and consequent immutability. It is the human cosmos, and the epitome of order and stability. Its uniform structure speaks of justice. With the Cape (square) as a projection on the ground, the space guides you to the Cross. The vertical beam of the cross symbolizes the relationship between God and man. The horizontal beam of the cross is the relationship between people. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe flows like a cape— creating a place of peace, security and one that embraces community.