Initial state
This 70 m2 rental property was desperate for revamping as it had not been renovated for 20 years, which meant the condition of it was devaluing the property itself. The apartment is located in a small town south of Latvia on the second level with the current kitchen facing north, a closed balcony facing south. It has a standard layout of series of housing projects across the ex-USSR countries carried out in the 50ies, meant to house 3 to 4 people families.
Designer: Anete Skirmante
Location: Latvia
Status: Conceptual
The main goal is to carry out a sustainable smart property renovation that reinforces communication between its inhabitants and guests,creating a modern unique touch using trends.
Throughout the design there are consistent rough metal elements, which gives a factory feel. This feeling is balanced out by timeless interior elements – contrasting cherry furniture and oak laminate. Cherry is also installed on the ceiling of the bedroom. The sleeping areas display carpets and cosy faux fur blankets to visually and physically raise comfort levels. In the children’s room the carpet is divided with laminate as children to ensure effortless cleaning. Tiling is installed in the kitchen for the same hygiene reasons. Paint and brick tiles can be seen on the walls , continuing the industrial theme and imitating the outer facade of the building. All together this creates peculiar, unconventional mix of industrial interior features with a touch of oak and cherry and a splash of colour to the dining room and bathroom.
A unified kitchen and living area creates spaciousness in a tight space also becoming the main hub of communication for the family and their guests. To make it sustainable powerful steam extractors for the kitchen, water saving taps, built in recycling bins, double glazing for the windows were added. The functionality and monetary value was maximized by transforming part of the balcony as an addition to the kids room. The main bedroom got unified with the walk-in wardrobe to minimize freestanding furniture and create a peaceful uncluttered look. It was about simplifying the layout to bigger rooms,minimizing the unused spaces like long hallways and balconies while keeping a decluttering mindset.
In order to reinforce communication the design must be clear, simple, intuitive yet not boring, because when there is nothing that catches the eye unconscious behavioural patterns continue occurring, which are most of the time blocking clear communication. And that was the main idea that guided to bigger unified spaces and play with different array of colors and materials.

Anete Skirmante
Anete Skirmante had graduated in 2017 from Riga Technical University in Latvia with a bachelor in Product design, however she had accumulated experience in interior design and architecture during her placement in ‘Riga Interior’ practice. From there next further 6 months she spent near Rome interning at Sand&Birch Studio and tinkering about interiors, getting inspired by the amazingly created indoor and outdoor spaces in Rome. After finalizing the internship she moved to London to pursue Masters in Housing and City planning in UCL.