Project Info

Architects: Brooks + Scarpa
Location of Project: Monterrey, Mexico
Total Area: Phase I_ +/- 500 sqm of Offices, +/-1000 sqm of Warehouse, Phase II_ +/-500 sqm of Offices, +/-3000 sqm of Warehouse
Project Design Team: Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA – Lead Designer, Daniel Poei, Abby Katcher, Oliver Liao, Darien Williams, Jordan Gearhart, Ching Luk 
Structural Engineering: 
Carl W. Howe Partners, Inc.
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing:  
LEED: Zinner Consultants


The Research and Technology Innovation Park, designed by Brooks + Scarpa, will be Mexicos first new construction LEED Platinum building.  The site is located in Monterrey near the airport and adjoins a natural habitat. The program includes labs, offices, testing facilities, and warehouse spaces and will be constructed in two phases. More on the project after the break.


Brooks + Scarpa were inspired to create an industrial building that broke the stereotypes associated with factory settings of cold structures designed to only function for the factory operations.  Therefore, the goal was to design a space that was equally as attuned to the occupants’ needs as for the machinery’s needs.  The major features of the building have to do with gathering and focusing light, emphasizing the world outside of the factory through various architectural moves.
The saw-toothed shape of the roof is inspired by the factory typology, the Monterrey Mountains and the need to direct sunlight into the interior spaces of the building.  It is a major feature of the building that gives spaces abundant natural light and directing into various other spaces.  The fractured nature of this roof allowed the design to maintain a rational plan to fit the requirements of the automotive shop that will be established there.

The facade is clad in a perforated metal skin that was manufactured by the client.  It is a custom aluminum skin that has perforations to allow light to enter research areas, but making sure to limit visibility into these spaces.  Because of this strategies, Brooks + Scarpa were able to give the labs natural light while maintaining the privacy necessary for the program.
The building is divided programmatically into two volumes: warehouse and labs, and office.  Office and administration spaces are located on the upper level and cantilever over the lower storys.  This area is clad in a perforated metal skin and is part of the main entry into the facility.  The lower story is glazed, revealing portions of the factory operations and functions.  The warehouse appears to float over the labs and machine rooms, giving it a lightness not typically associated with factories.  The hope is to make this building feel open and allow the public to interact visually with the inner program.

The facility is anticipated to be Mexico’s first new construction LEED Platinum building.