This conceptual restaurant project is located next to the main circulation hallway in an airport terminal. The installation partition, the “one-way boundary” is a study of the interaction between the user and the mono-materiality, in this case, the restaurant guests and the copper pipe.
Architects: Yu Lu
Status: Concept

The installation partition is not only placed for programmatic separation but also created for different visual experience on two sides of the boundary. A person standing on the concave side of the boundary can have a maximum sight with maximum privacy, while the other person standing on the convex side of the boundary is having a minimum range of eyesight and least privacy. Thus, according to the desired privacy level of each programmatic space, the “one-way boundaries” are allocated at specific locations.

Yu Lu
Yu Lu is an undergraduate student at Pratt Institute, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design. Yu attempts to explore the synergy of aesthetics and functionality in a field across from art to design. Though the experiences of internships and freelancing in New York City, and independent design processes for academic projects, she intends to continue expressing her passion for this synergy of art and design on more interior spaces, exhibition designs, event designs, and art installations after her graduation in 2019 Spring.