Design Strategy:  To design versatile spaces within the hotel that cater to backpackers, families and business travellers while capturing the cultural essence of the country, taking in mind the timeless and homely image of the hotel’s branding.
Designed by: Christabel Chen
Project type: Hospitality, Conceptual
Be Hotel is a 2.5 star hotel located in the city center
Aim: To create a new brand for a chain of hotels that provides affordable accommodation and ensuring guests enjoy a great local atmosphere.
Location: New Delhi, India
Concept: Courtyard – translating classical Indian architecture into a modern space

The main spaces (bar, lounge, dining) are designed as a courtyard as it is where most communal activities happen. The double volume and columns are deliberately emphasized by designing the space such that guests are able to experience the spatial qualities once they enter the hotel.
Reception: Reception counters are angled towards the entrance, creating a more direct, inviting approach.
Outdoor dining: A variety of seating provides flexibility for guests and caters to the various target groups, whether it is a more personal or communal seating area.
Indoor dining: A lattice structure as part of the double height window separating the indoor and outdoor dining areas casts different shadow patterns over the interior depending on the time of day.

Bar: The bar counter is designed such that it connects the indoor and outdoor dining areas, also a main space where activities happen, similar to the courtyard.

Christabel Chen

Christabel Chen has recently graduated from the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) in 2018. Other than design, she explores various creative forms and media such as photography, film, object making – ceramics & modelling, and music. As a designer, she strives to create honest, engaging spaces that are considered in detail.