These mobile houses are an answer to the needs of campsite owners since the houses can adapt to all weather and physical conditions. The building technology allows the assembly of the mobile house on wheels, right by the touristic facility, and thus they are one of a kind in Italy.
Architects: RWA_Ruffo Wolf Architetti
Location : Levico, Trento – Italy
Year : 2012
Status : realized

They are real houses on wheels that put together a brand new esthetic project with the comfort and quality of a wooden house made in Trentino. The distinguishing elements of these houses are: great living, the use of 0 km materials, certified quality of the production, energy saving and attention to details. Not to mention the customization, and the benefit given by the various shades of colors and the engravings on the outer wooden profiles.


The team is composed by designers in the fields of architecture, interior design and landscape. This synergic net works putting together experts and partners of every single field mentioned above.The firm is involved in international cultural events and exhibitions. The firm has contributed to architecture plans in many cities around the world thanks to the collaboration with local partners who cooperate in the team and can guarantee efficient and top organization internationally. RWA abroad is an opportunity for the local partners to improve their know-how entering an all rounded partnership.
RWA_Ruffo Wolf Architetti plans cover Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Rumania, Qatar, China, Vanuatu, Brazil, Zambia, Rwanda and India.