Villa GEEF was born in a compromised context in the first outskirts of Sondrio (SO, Italy) within a lot that was used as a relax time place by employees of an electric company. The large lot was in fact occupied by a building and playgrounds all around.
Architects: Damilano Studio Architect
Status: Built

Despite the existing fabric, the area was presented with great potential due to his size and the surrounding  mountain  landscape  characterized  by typical  vineyards  of  Valtellina.  If  in  the  first intention of the client there was a desire to build a multi-storey villa, the project developed by Damilanostudio Architects focused on a villa on a single ground floor for both the comfort and the relationship with the landscape, I tie that the choice of building a home on one floor opens its eyes to the vineyards and the private park.

The villa develops in to two different areas joined by the covered porch in line with access to the lot. On the one hand, the garage  and the depandance  for the guests. On the other hand, the owners’ residence.

Damilano Studio Architects

Duilio  Damilano  was  born  in  Cuneo  on  1961.  He’s  interested  in  developing  architectural  and personal aspects of plastic and material objects inspired by his father and brother who are both passionate  sculptors.  In  1990  he  opened  his  own  architectural  firm  continuing  his  research through architectural projects on national and international scale. DAMILANOSTUDIO ARCHITECTS is a multidisciplinary architecture firm that operates mainly in the field of architecture and design through  continuous  research  carried  out  with  sensitivity to  design,  contemporary culture,  and urban  and  natural  environments.  His  studio  is  currently  following  several  projects  including administrative offices, residential building and retail space in Italy and abroad. The firm takes part to the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture in the Italian pavilion and at a series of international exhibitions. His work Oficina Vidre Negre was selected for Mies van der Rohe Prize in 2013 while some projects was published on several international magazines.