Nestled into a bluff above the scenic Deschutes River in Central Oregon sits the LEED for Homes Platinum-Certified Live Edge residence, which combines a modern design aesthetic with an intricate molding to the terrain. The home utilizes extensive exterior terraces for outdoor living and is complete with an attached green house. The home was designed to weave around rock outcroppings and ragged juniper trees in the arid open-range environment.
RTF Sustainability Awards 2017
First Award | Category: Residence (Built)

Architect: Lydia Peters
Team Members: Nathan Good
Country: United States

Exterior rigid insulation, fluid applied WRB, triple pane windows (U=0.18) and exceptional craftsmanship create an air and vapor tight home. Lifetime metal roofing and full rain screens behind all siding provide protection from the elements and add longevity to the residence. Natural stone, plaster, and locally-sourced wood complete the exterior, while reclaimed hardwood flooring, local woods and natural stone surfaces are found throughout the interior. With a blower door test of 1.8 ACH @ 50 Pa, the home’s warm and inviting interiors are enhanced by exceptional indoor air quality with two Zehnder HRVs and hydronic radiant-heat with a Daikin heat-pump water heater.

Sustainable features such as an 18 kW PV system, LED lighting throughout, exterior solar shades (both fixed and operable), PVC-free plumbing, and an electric car charging system integrate modern technology to benefit the environment. The all-electric home has achieved an Energy Performance Score of 0 (zero) as a result of the 21,765 kWh of annual electric generation and an estimated 17,287 kWh of annual electric consumption.

Sustainable Design was not limited to the use of renewable materials and environmentally-friendly systems at Live Edge, but also included Universal Design features. The home’s zero-threshold showers, grab bars in every bathroom, 36” door openings, wash-let toilets, an elevator, and ergonomic door and cabinet hardware will contribute to the owner’s ability to thrive-in-place.

Live Edge was designed with resilience in mind, enabling the residents to prepare for the unexpected. The 15 kW Tesla “Power Wall” battery back-up system, amateur radio tower, wood burning fireplace, 1,800-gallon potable water cistern, and attached greenhouse provide a multitude of self-sustaining resources for the occupants.

Live Edge is the exemplification of elegant sustainable design for the Pacific Northwest through the:

  • use of local renewable resources, environmentally preferred systems, and durable materials for longevity;
  • intentionality of the integration of the architecture into the landscape, both physically and aesthetically;

•          and the implementation of universal and resilient design practices to better prepare for the future endurance of the home.

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