AIM The aim of the project was to create a visually stunning showroom of light fittings and chairs, a spectacular exhibition which would transform an ordinary shop into an elegant showroom.
SHAPE: The area was a triangle, with two long walls incorporating large windows. There was therefore a need to divide the space, thus creating as much area as possible for exhibiting the products, whilst at the same time avoiding cluttering the area. There was also a desire to design an interior in which products were visible from every window and which would entice potential buyers. The difficulty was to present products from both the interior and exterior.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Interior – Commercial (Concept)
Architects: Katarzyna Baworowska-Wolf
Team Members: Ewa Bryl-Michałowicz
Country: Poland

FORM & CONSTRUCTION: The form of the installation was made by creating 5 zones. This was achieved by dividing the area with the construction of two walls and two shelves. The first impression upon entering is seeing a long tunnel which draws the viewer’s eye to the end of the area. The tunnel was designed with lighting lines, installed at the borders of walls and constructions of the shelves, to lead the viewer into the different zones. Irregular shapes of tunnel borders were used to create a transcendent place. At the end of the space, there is a chair positioned against a backdrop of black walls, with special theatre lights illuminating it.

FUNCTION: The showroom was planned so that visitors can sit in every created zone and effortlessly view the products from different perspectives.

MATERIALS & COLOURS: Oak coloured floors and black ceilings create a neutral, elegant background. The first wall is covered with wallpaper in intense colours. On the reverse of the wall, a calmer palette of colours is used. The shelves are constructed from walnut-coloured material. The second wall is painted black forming a  neutral background for the lighting.

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