The long flow of history, the dock landscape and an industrial atmosphere has become spirit the Huanjiang salesroom project in Pudong. Industry is where this contemporary design project draws its inspiration. The two are intertwined creating a unique picture of today’s society. Only by returning to the calm origin of culture, we can then construct present. The designers stand upon this principle that changed the Huanjiang Sales Center into an aesthetic space of historical charm and profound artistic charisma.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Interior – Commercial (Concept)
Architects: Harmony World Consultant & Design
Country: China
Stepping into the Sales Center, you will sense the metallic elements and the unpolished textured sculptures reminiscent of the industrial era while the simple bold lines create the black and gold lighting. All are an echo of an almost poetic beauty of a past but peaceful era.
The off-white and light brown striped walls, like flowing waterfalls, are a visually stunning spectacle, silhouetted against a bright, transparent marble ground. The strength of industrial temperament, the romance of contemporary art and the luxury of top quality materials are carefully combined, allowing one to experience the aesthetical charm of the spatial art.
The design is the embodiment of heritage that almost speaks to our hearts and shakes our souls. Feature accessories are distributed appropriately into different spaces adding a sense of respect and solemnity. The dark brown wooden round table and the simple sofa are matched with high-end materials perfectly and the contemporary accessories complement each other to create a calm, peaceful and romantic atmosphere.
Contemporary design elements integrate into a symbolic space. The delicate texture of the geometric chandelier, simple and gorgeous, appears elegant, while the mobile shape of oval screens separates different areas. We see both past and present in this design; we discover innovation and future in space. Here, The designers have crafted a non-duplicable classic design with the highest taste and materials.

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