First Award | Sports & Recreation (Concept)

Firm Name: Laboratorio Habitat XXI
Participant  Name: Aitor Martínez Lorenzo
Team Member: Aitor Martínez Lorenzo, Graziano Brau Pani, Andrea Pala, Andrea Palou
Country: Spain

Levante Kk225 is a pragmatic-operative answer to the need of temporary residences within a sensitive and complex ecosystem. The project is based on the construction of an active open-modular system that creates an infrastructural self-sufficient platform, which is flexible, open-ended and interchangeable, and that is able to offer a wide range of possible planning solutions.

Thanks to a strategic approach based on the 3Rs ( re-use – reduce – recycle) takes shape a project-process which is constantly developing,  and that reduces to the minimun the energy used into the constructive process and avoid the leftovers. Its structure, composed by natural and recycled materials such as bamboo, pallet, industrial barrels and C.A’s formworks, is at the base of a zero-impact system.
The strategic approach is based on the development of five strategies and of the related devices: Structure,Infrastructure,Energy,Sport,Society

Levante Kk255 is the construction of a collective floating residence where the accomodation takes part in a complex system of private and common areas. The housing units externalize kitchens and living areas, which are concentrated on the outside for the construction of shared areas. In the latter, which are conceived as an extension of the individual space, are implemented areas for relation and leisure, for the development of the daily life and of this big “wanderer family”.

Levante Kk225 integrates itself in the context, building an operative-open landscape in which the strategic approach is the catalyst of natural energies able to regenerate territories and natural ecosystems.
Levante Kk225 is sport, water, nature and life.

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