Lakehouse was envisioned as a living environment unto itself — a home within the home. The goal was to take a large space and turn it into something warm and inviting that can actually be lived in.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2020
Second Award | Residential (Interior) (Concept)

Project Name – Lake House
Studio Name –
Doo Architecture
Location – United States

Lake House | Doo Architecture - Sheet1
©Doo Architecture

Layers of texture create depth, with spare use of materials on the surrounding surfaces. Wood, stone, and ambient lighting set the stage for a dramatic masterpiece.

Lake House | Doo Architecture - Sheet2
©Doo Architecture

Optical illusions surround and captivate the eye, bringing walls closer and pushing them further than proportions suggest. An open concept kitchen faces the water and back terrace, leading to the dining area which then flows into the living area.

Lake House | Doo Architecture - Sheet3
©Doo Architecture

These distinct spaces are free to enjoy their own spirit and personality, their individual identities part of a larger story. The wine library features 20’ ceilings, mirrored from above to create an otherworldly depth. Maps set into the wall highlight the various regions of a well-traveled wine collection.

Lake House | Doo Architecture - Sheet4
©Doo Architecture


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