Project Info

Architects: Reitmayr Architekten
Location: Graz, Styria, Austria
Owner: Parish Graz Salvator
Year: 2012
Photographs: Paul Ott

Werknutzungsbewilligung für Reitmayr Architekten
A – 8010 Graz


The new kindergarten was built as a conversion of an existing building and an annex on the grounds of the parish of St. Salvator. A portion of the requi- red areas could be accommodated within the existing parish building that was adapted for this purpose.


The single-storey addition was planned as Timber construction with lamina- ted plywood walls and roof with some steel columns and beams. The hea- ting and the electricity were carried out on the existing system of the parish church.

Werknutzungsbewilligung für Reitmayr Architekten
A – 8010 Graz

The shape of the kindergarten and the location of the court respond to the constraints and the tightness of the site. The annex with its delicate wood slat facade and the large glazing blends unpretentious but as a clear sign of modern architecture in the existing ensemble of buildings.