Project Info

Architects: Sol89
Location: Isla de la Cartuja, 41092 Seville, Sevilla, Spain
Project Architects: María González, Juanjo López de la Cruz + Francisco González, Salvador Méndez
Technical Architect: Víctor Baztán Cascales
Project Year: 2006
Photography: Jesús Granada
Collaborator: David Rodríguez
Structures: Alejandro Cabanas, Ingeniero Técnico Industrial
Facilities: Insur JG.
Client: Tecnolaser S.A.
Construction: Level-Econivel S.A.


Project selected for the Arquía / Próxima Biennial Catalog 2010, Fundación Caja de Arquitectos, Barcelona, 2010.

Located on one of the lots of the former 1992 World Expo in Seville, a tertiary landscape saturated by singularities, inheritance of the pavilions of the Expo, the project was to address a number of medical specialties proportional in their surface area to the capital invested by each of them. From this proportionality, we proposed a section in the manner of a bar diagram, making up three concatenated voids that form a large space around which the circulation and activities of the center develop. This yields a compact volume, rough and opaque to the outside and excavated inside, using the void and porosity as fundamental matter in the project.


The architecture becomes what is in the middle, between the built. We make ours the Debussy quote: the music is not in the notes but between notes. The void is formalized through the superposition of plan variations that have the same porosity distributed in different ways, creating courtyards, terraces and voids. Circulations run parallel to the void, to one side the circulation for patients, and to the other the circulation for medical staff, so that they only meet in the areas that make up the specialties and that float over the inner void.