Created by man, inspired by nature. The Infinitá Treehouse achieves the perfect symbiosis between architecture and landscape. Here, the forest and concrete meet and intertwine, revealing the truth of materials and creating an environment where nature embraces architecture.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
Second Award | Housing (over 5 floors) (Concept)

Project Name: Infinitá Treehouse
Category: Housing (over 5 floors) (Concept)
Studio Name: AO / Triptyque Architecture
Design Team: Associate: Greg Bousquet | Creative Directors: João Vieira, Felipe Alves,

Raphaell Valença | Development Director: Rodrigo Poli | Project Concept: Luís Garcia, Vinicius Fernandes  | Project Development: Marjorie Romano | Team: João Vieira, Luís Garcia, Leonardo Dias, Juliana Carvalho, Natalia Sartini, Priscila Pasquarelli, Gabriel Correa
Area: 10 400 sqm
Year: 2025
Location: Itajaí – SC, Brazil
Consultants: Foco, Luz & Desenho (Common Areas) / Carlos Fortes (Model Apartment)
Render Credits: Marcelo Fava, Renata Ribeiro, Diogo Poffo
Other Credits: Contractor: Blue Heaven

Infinitá Treehouse | AO - Sheet2
©Marcelo Fava, Renata Ribeiro, Diogo Poffo

Located in Itajaí, the project envisions the architecture’s facade as a support for the local nature. Biodiversity ascends as a constituent part of the built environment. And under the gaze, the marina and the sea draw the infinite horizon and meander along the facade. The primary element comes to life in the built structure.

Through a careful analysis of the building, the concept of living in the Infinitá Treehouse emerges. The facade design was conceived as an extension of the natural environment, harmoniously engaging with the surrounding elements, such as the Marina, one of the largest in Brazil, the forest, and the sea in the foreground. These same features were incorporated: expanding the platforms for enhanced living space, adding planters, and a secondary metal grid structure delineating the openings.

Infinitá Treehouse | AO - Sheet4
©Marcelo Fava, Renata Ribeiro, Diogo Poffo

Covered terraces encircle the apartment perimeter in a “U” shape, allowing for unobstructed views and framed by dynamically varying planters in height. The balcony gains more depth to accommodate the pool, with a unique fold sunk into the slab, adjacent to the communal area. Here, the poetics of architecture become unique as the sea penetrates every residence, extending into the horizon. Its distinctive shape resembles origami, and when applied to the concrete slabs to form the pool, it brings lightness and organicity, intrinsically connected to the concept of this development.

The glass facades maintain visibility between the interior and exterior, emphasizing the main actors of the project: the forest, the Marina of Itajaí, and the seawater. This symbiosis defines the Infinitá Treehouse.


Both facade and interior design engage in a unique symbiotic relationship. The connection is established between the materials and forms that shape concrete slabs surrounded by metal and glass sunshades.

The apartments are dwellings between the sea and the forest, with generously proportioned spaces enveloped by an unobstructed view of the horizon, featuring both social and intimate spaces that cater to a diverse range of experiences.

The creation is fundamentally grounded in its connection to the horizon, given the apartment’s transparent design providing an unobstructed view. This integration evokes contemplative spaces, comfortable furnishings, and a connection to nature through harmonious material choices.

Infinitá Treehouse | AO - Sheet5
©Marcelo Fava, Renata Ribeiro, Diogo Poffo

Emerging from the nautical realm, the concept encompasses fluidity between spaces, efficient design for comfort and performance, in harmony with the lush nature surrounding the architecture. A curation of both nationally and internationally acclaimed furnishings, emphasizes comfort and intimacy, along with special lighting fixtures.


In the social area, the use of stone creates visual and tactile integration between the living room, TV room, wine cellar, gourmet balcony, and pool. In the private area, the home theater, two suites, and the master suite find warmth and coziness in wood – one of the most frequently used natural materials, establishing a direct dialogue with the locality’s nature.