K20 Architecture proudly presents the Bellfield Multigenerational Community Hub (BCMH), an exceptional embodiment of design, sustainability, and performance excellence. Nestled in the heart of Bellfield, this hub is a symbol of architectural brilliance and unwavering environmental responsibility, surpassing the initial client brief and establishing itself as a socially, environmentally, and economically relevant design.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
Third Award | Public Building (Built)

Project Name: Bellfield Multigenerational Community Hub
Category: Public Building
Studio Name: k20 Architecture
Design Team: Anthony Uahwatanasakul (Project and Sustainability Director), Theodore Kerlidis (Design Director), & Joy Saikasem (Senior Associate Architect)
Area: Victoria
Year: 2021
Location: 230 Banksia Street, Bellfield
Consultants: Co-Perform (ESD Engineer), JBA Consulting Engineers (Services Engineer), Cardno TGM (Structural and Civil Engineer), Hansen Partnership (Landscape Architect), PLP Building Surveyors & Consultants (Building Surveyor), Land Dimensions (Land Surveyor), Functional Access (DDA Consultant), Rodney Vapp & Associates (Quantity Surveyor), Traffix Group (Traffic Consultant), Eco-tainable (Environmental Consultant)
Photography Credits: Peter Matterson
Render Credits: k20 Architecture
Other Credits: Banyule City Council

Aligned to Banyule City Council’s vision, our mission was to envision and construct a contemporary, multifunctional, and multigenerational (100+ years lifecycle) hub that would become the central gathering point for Bellfield’s residents. This endeavor required us to rejuvenate an existing facility, transforming it into a vibrant, inclusive space for community activities, services, and events.

Bellfield Community Hub | k20 Architecture - Sheet 2
©Peter Matterson

Unifying Design, Sustainability, and Performance:

Our response to the client’s brief reflects our unwavering commitment to uniting design, sustainability, and performance into an architecturally relevant and socially, environmentally, and economically cohesive whole.

Design Excellence:

BCMH respects the site’s history and environment while incorporating a sustainability narrative into every phase of its creation, from inception to completion. This design transcends aesthetics, symbolizing inclusivity and excellence throughout. Thoughtfully designed for individuals with dementia, the facility includes:

  • Intuitive wayfinding signage with clear, contrasting colors and legible fonts;
  • Lighting is designed to reduce confusion and minimize sensory overload;
  • Color schemes enhance visual perception;
  • Serene areas for relaxation and solitude;
  • Safety measures like handrails, non-slip flooring, and easily accessible emergency exits;
  • Memory prompts and visual cues for engagement;
  • Ergonomic and comfortable furniture;
  • Accessible outdoor spaces with sensory gardens, safe paths, and comfortable seating.
Bellfield Community Hub | k20 Architecture - Sheet 4
©Peter Matterson

Sustainability Excellence:

  • Energy independence with 190 kW solar array and 200 kWh battery storage.
  • Interior comfort via airtight envelope, fresh air, and high performance insulation.
  • Use of recycled bricks, natural light, low/zero-VOC and non-toxic materials.
  • Eco-friendly transport: EV infrastructure and secure / end trip bike facilities.
  • Water-sensitive urban design with 200,000-liter water storage for facility use.
  • Waste management diverts 90% waste from landfills.
  • Green spaces cover 41% of the site, reducing heat impact.
  • Measures control microbes and limit light pollution.
Bellfield Community Hub | k20 Architecture - Sheet 6
©Peter Matterson

Performance Excellence:

  • Universally accessible amenities;
  • Interior layout optimizing space and user flow and importantly flexibility for future change;
  • Multifunctional spaces (kindergarten rooms, playground, maternal health consulting rooms, community meeting rooms, prayer room, commercial kitchen, cafe, and dining area)
  • Community involvement enables the design to align with community aspirations;

We prioritized sustainability, low-cost value, and durability in our materials, including certified sustainably forested timber, sustainable native landscaping, steel with recycled content, low-maintenance materials, high performance glazing, recyclable fixtures, etc.

In summary, the Bellfield Multigenerational Community Hub (BCMH) epitomizes design, sustainability, and performance excellence. It transcends conventional architectural boundaries by integrating form, function, and inclusivity to cater to Bellfield’s diverse needs. It leaves an enduring mark on the social, environmental, and economic fabric of the community, setting a new standard for responsible and inspirational architecture. K20 Architecture is proud to have realized this vision and remains unwaveringly dedicated to excellence.