This project is based on the client’s personality and profession, which is an architecture student that has a quirky taste and fun personality. The client likes geometrical object and shapes to be applied on the apartment, as well as various colors and distinct patterns to comply with her unique musical genre; indie music. With white and light grey as the basic color, it really enhance the southwestern style of the design.
Type : Studio Type Apartment
Interior Designer : Destarani Bella Shabrina
Location : Jakarta
Size: 540m2

Layout: As the client is an architect undergraduate student, the apartment’s layout is based on the client’s everyday activities, ranging from studying to daily chores. The placement of bedroom and living room is set like so, to gain as much natural lighting as possible,. With the help of natural lighting and window facing the outdoor area, the client would feel comfortable doing her homework and studying, since she mainly occupy those two rooms for studying, She also requires an ample space, bright area, and fresh air to help her concentrate studying. The view of the cityscape will also help to soothe her soul during the night.

Furniture, Color Scheme & Material: The furniture selection of each area are different, yet they have the same eclectic design that resembles the style. By choosing chairs with geometric shapes, it balanced the geometric shapes that surrounds the apartment unit. The materials color are carefully chosen in a softer color to contrast the colorful colors of the furniture.

Destarani Bella Shabrina or commonly called Tara is a graduate of Interior Design who now works as a Visual Merchandiser. And also, together with her college friend become a freelance interior designer named Double doors.She is always interested in things that are colorful but also minimalist and in accordance with functions. The design that she builds is usually inspired by the surrounding environment or unusual objects. She also considers herself to be a creative problem solver who takes pleasure in bringing out the creativity in people through designs that reflect their ideas and imagination.