The Herman Teirlinck building is located along the canal on the Tour & Taxis site, one of the last large-scale development locations in the heart of Brussels. This 30-acre site, with a 9-acre park, vibrant urbanism and historic charm, will grow into a new high-quality green city district with mixed features in the coming years.

The sinuous shape of the building creates a varied building volume that blends into the urban blocks along the Haven Avenue in an obvious way. The design deliberately chooses a sustainable low-rise building of only six layers with large horizontal floor fields on a human scale. A modest height up to 60 meters in the second line gives the project a recognizable element in the skyline of Brussels.

The Herman Teirlinck building is organised around an internal street in the longitudinal axis of the building. All public functions, such as the restaurant, reception rooms, auditoriums, exhibition space and meeting centres have can be found on this internal street with two public gardens and integrated works of art. On the higher levels, the office floors are situated around two large greenhouses. This creates a compact and bright building with plenty of natural light. The building has therefore achieved the highest sustainability scores in Belgium.