HARM TO TABLE is a table that travels the country to serve food made of plants and natural resources of that local area that will be in major decline or extinct over the next 20-40 years due to the changing climate. The project focuses on directly translating the research of the world’s top climate scientists into an experience where you can actually eat the results of their work. Working with over 20 national climate scientists, and dozens of local climate scientist and chefs across the US, to design and produce the food items served at HARM TO TABLE, each location specific menu changes its diverse offerings as ecological systems are increasingly disturbed.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Third Award | Category: Pop-Ups and Temporary Structure (Built)

Studio: Matthew Mazzotta
Architect: Matthew Mazzotta
Country: United States

HARM TO TABLE by Matthew Mazzotta - Sheet2Now is the perfect time to experience a unique phenomenon of our times by sitting down to a meal in the natural settings from where these ingredients will soon be no more. With each event HARM TO TABLE travels and unfolds to serve hundreds of people by providing seating, a unique self-serve gravity-fed food system, and two elevated seats for musicians to contribute to this dining atmosphere.

HARM TO TABLE by Matthew Mazzotta - Sheet3*The title HARM TO TABLE is a play on the term ‘Farm to Table’ – a social movement which promotes serving local food through direct acquisition from local farmers.

HARM TO TABLE by Matthew Mazzotta - Sheet4Video link: https://vimeo.com/182494988