Project Info

Design: Conceptual Devices
Team: Antonio Scarponi and Stefano Massa (senior architect)
Counselors: UrbanFarmers AG
Materials: Bamboo, Wood, Fiberglass, Plexiglass
Year: 2011-2012


The Globe/Hedron Rooftop Farm is a bamboo greenhouse designed to organically grow fish and vegetables on top of generic flat roofs. Designed by Conceptual Devices, the structure is optimized for aquaponic farming techniques: the fish’s water nourishes the plants and plants clean the water for the fish. Using this farming technique, the design is optimized to feed four families of four all year round. More images and designers’ description after the break.


Globe/Hedron is designed to be manufactured and retailed at a low cost. Easy-to-set-up units can be combined to scale up food production capacity. Using a geodesic dome, the load of the fish tank rests on the frame of the greenhouse and is redistributed to a larger surface. Because of this design, the aquaponic farm can be housed on more roofs without any structural building adaptation. The dome structure is designed to be built with bamboo, so that it is biodegradable and organically farmed.