Project Info

Architects: COOKFOX Architects
Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Project Name: Friends Center at Angkor Hospital for Children
Client: Center for  Friends Without a Border
Completion: March 2008
Size: 3,800 SF


The Friends Center at Angkor Hospital for Children was designed by COOKFOX Architects as an accessory to the existing Angkor Hospital founded by Kenro Izu.  The pediatric care facility provides free, quality medical services to over 500,000 patients in Siem Reap, Cambodia while also training health care professionals.  The center is an outreach pavilion to welcome visitors to the hospital without compromising patient privacy.  The center is a space of exchange where visitors, learning about the program may also experience elements of Cambodia’s heritage through exhibitions of art work and the architecture itself.


The building expresses the cultural and environmental aspects of Cambodia through its design.  The heart of the building is a central reservoir open to the sky, that collects water from the roof.   The water creates a tranquil space for reflection and meditation within the facility.  The project team treated this project with a holistic approach – considering the hospital medical, environmental and financial sustainability – and helped develop a biodisel pilot project called Naga Biofuels, refined from waste vegetable oil.  Since 2009, the center has been running on biodiesel, and providing excess to several nonprofits.