Project Aim: Cultural Disease Is an urban project aim to transform a consuming street into a productive Cultural icon, which the city Tripoli, once knew for through a walkable passage that defies the wide ground level made for vehicles. The passage contain a series of activities that encourage The users to walk and enjoy the Mid-street Experience.
Participant  Name: Mustafa Nachar
University: Al Manar University of Tripoli
Country: Lebanon
A Cultural Disease (1)
Site Analysis: The street is 1.2km long, 32meters wide, but it was made for cars as its too linear and boring to be walked. The analysis propose to create a Dynamic, walkable , and Cultural Passage going along with the vehicle is a changeable sequence which gets more dynamic as you reach the end of the street. The Street Edges serves as a frame holding the movement within. The project propose to make a passage that animate through the street.   Benefiting from  the sidewalks lost spaces and middle island. Taking in consideration Clearance heights for vehicles and the residents privacy.
A Cultural Disease (2)
A Cultural Disease (3)
Concept: It’s well known that Tripoli lacks of cultural and public facilities, the reason behind the creation of a generation that is always absorbing and consuming others ethics and morals identity. Despite the trends towards globalization, regions and cities are emerging as the main arenas for territorial competitiveness. Cities have begun to act as communities of knowledge, innovation creativity and learning, becoming more dynamic,complex,diverse,open and intangible. In this context, new urban strategies and politics have to be considered. This project tends to clarify the concept of innovation hub as an outcome of creative urban regeneration processes. Based on animation methodology, the project intend to distil best practices for the design and planning of these intelligent spaces.