The concept for the Jewellery Concept Store located in Tsim Sha Tsui, next to Victoria Harbour, is to unveil the hidden ocean treasure box and pioneer a new era in the jewellery industry. The store aims to seamlessly blend sustainability and aesthetics, creating an unforgettable retail experience. The concept revolves around the concept of “New Treasure” in 2022, taking visitors on an unboxing journey.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Interior (Retail) (Built)

Project Name: Chow Sang Sang Harbour City
Category:   Interiors – Retail (Built)
Area: Asia, Hong Kong
Year: 2022
Location: Asia, Hong Kong

Chow Sang Sang Harbour City | Editecture Limited - Sheet 1
©Editecture Limited

The design of the store draws inspiration from the journey of the treasure box, which has long been concealed and forgotten due to urban reclamation around Victoria Harbour and the formal waterfront reclamation that began in 1851. The abstract form and pattern of the undiscovered box are incorporated into the design, symbolizing its transformation over time. The use of a gradient mineral blue palette throughout the store subtly alludes to the depths of the ocean, situated in the vibrant location, adjacent to the picturesque Victoria Harbour, aims to redefine the jewellery retail experience by unveiling the hidden treasures of the ocean. This innovative concept store seeks to pioneer a new chapter in the jewellery industry, seamlessly merging sustainability and aesthetics to create an unforgettable and immersive retail environment. Drawing inspiration from the intriguing history of Victoria Harbour, particularly the stranded treasure box from the 1850s, the store embarks on a captivating journey of discovery and unboxing.

Spanning an impressive 1,700 square feet, the store’s design revolves around the notion of simplicity and geometric forms, echoing the essence of a treasure box while exuding an eye-catching minimalist aesthetic. As guests enter the store, they are immediately captivated by the mesmerizing center display fixtures crafted with exquisite green agate and sleek grey marble. These fixtures, reminiscent of treasures washed ashore, offer an abstract yet natural representation of the surrounding environment. Adjacent to the fixtures, a series of illuminated U-shaped glass walls showcase diamonds on display monitors, evoking a sense of mystery and anticipation as if the diamonds were being revealed from enigmatic boxes.

Chow Sang Sang Harbour City | Editecture Limited - Sheet 3
©Editecture Limited

Beyond the glass walls and central fixtures, the store features gradient blue mirrors on either side, enhanced by captivating coral reef videos. This integration serves a dual purpose, not only adding visual appeal but also supporting a coral restoration campaign, thereby raising awareness of marine conservation among the public. The delicate balance between softness and solidity is achieved through the use of plush upholstery velvet and textured ripple metal on the walls, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere for customers to explore and engage with the jewellery offerings.

Chow Sang Sang Harbour City | Editecture Limited - Sheet 6
©Editecture Limited

One of the standout design elements is the feature wall located behind the cashier, adorned with a distinctive wavy pattern carved from solid wood. This pattern draws inspiration from the shoreline of Victoria Harbour during the 1850s, invoking a sense of nostalgia and reminiscence of a bygone era before the commencement of extensive urban reclamation efforts. The feature wall serves as a focal point, evoking memories of the harbour’s rich history and engaging customers in a deeper connection with the store’s narrative.