Bonbonniere is the first nightclub in Tulum, it is a fascinating place, made up of 678m2, where every night, around 800 people experience an awakening of their senses, inspired by the essence of the famous Fabergé house, (creator of chocolate boxes in the shape of egg), a benchmark of perfection, prestige and exceptional quality.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022
Third Award | Hospitality (Built)

Project Name: Bonbonniere
Project Category: Hospitality (Built) Studio Name: Filipao Nunes Arquitectos
Design Team: Filipe Nunes, Margot Malacon, Andrea García
Area:673 m2
Year: 2021
Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo

Photography Credits: Aldo Gracia
Text Credits: Victoria Maldonado / Camila Arredondo / Filipe Nunes

Bonbonniere By Filipao Nunes Arquitectos - Sheet2
©Aldo Gracia

To turn this vision into reality, brutalist architecture was envisioned, mostly concrete and steel, contrasting with its surroundings…the jungle; evoking the Mayan ruins and their location.

Bonbonniere By Filipao Nunes Arquitectos - Sheet3
©Aldo Gracia

With a “dirty chic” concept we conceptualize this nightclub, where the contrast of natural materials and in their natural state predominates: like wood, stained chukum-type finishes; the concrete lattices, mud brick and ironwork with the velvet fabrics, the macramé threads, the synthetic leathers and the Persian fabrics. Crowned with artistic interventions throughout the building, which emphasize its own unique architectural language.

Bonbonniere By Filipao Nunes Arquitectos - Sheet5
©Aldo Gracia

Equipped with a terrace, a speakeasy, a VIP and a main area with a fully retractable roof, which allows you to contemplate the stars, the moon, the sun, the magical sunrises and sunsets of the region, dancing under vibrant red lights and surrounded by surround sound. The arrangement of these areas is based on a gradual composition and an elliptical shape of planetary systems, such as the solar system, where the planets (tables and chairs) rotate around the central star (the track). In short, Bonbonniere is a cosmic nightclub that will unlock the fantasies of adventurous beings and foster lingering memories.