The project is located in New Ciaotou. It is a mature residential area adjacent to the Kaohsiung Science and Technology Park. Education has not been made a priority in this area so a school was created using the advantages of the natural environment to improve preschool children’s awareness and exploration of the natural ecology.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022
Third Award | Institutional (Concept)

Project Name: Heka City
Project Category: Institutional (Concept)
Studio Name: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Design Team: Keng-Fu Lo
Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Photography Credits: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Text Credits: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Heka City By Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute - Sheet2
©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

This is a metabolic growth with time the building is a 4×4 framework made of layered systems that extend horizontally and vertically like an organism under cell division. Searching for an optimal combination of space inside this framework. Wish to define the boundary between indoors and outdoors with the most simple glass and cubic elements.

Heka City By Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute - Sheet3
©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

We try to make the educational space and play space unfold at a higher level below the ground level, symbolizing that the growth of all things basically originates from the earth. While other activity spaces, such as teacher offices, conference rooms and art museum, are placed on the upper floors. The buildings can be freely extended upwards like plants, and the architectural space on the higher floors is only defined by glass because of the integration of the natural environment. The roof of the classroom is covered with many plants. It can effectively avoid the heat conduction caused by direct sunlight, keeping the room cool, while having good lighting at the same time.

Heka City By Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute - Sheet4
©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Has an ecological pool the rocks produces algae an important source of fish food. The minor food chain created migratory birds will also stop by to create a small biosphere. After the construction water retention and greening of original property will be maintained as much as possible the land won’t be changed by the building, we forward to protecting the environment for the next gen. Around the kindergarten We put in animal statues of giraffes to create an atmosphere that combines the environment and biology.