Project Info

Architects: ZZDP Architecten
Location: Almere Buiten, The Netherlands
Architects In Charge: Joris Deur, Adam Smit
Project Team: Lysann Theiler, Jeroen Nieuwenhuizen, Ramon Gianotten
Roofscape Design: Buro Sant en Co.
Area: 23,300 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of ZZDP Architecten


Through the last few years the city of Almere has undergone through a urban renewal. The masterplan for Almere Buiten consists of mixed use building blocks with housing, retail and other social services. To make the blocks a more attractive living space the Quality Team Almere put an emphasis on “Extra Green” , so the project Block 3 introduced a roofscape over the commercial plinth inbetween the two residental  blocks. The roofscape consists of green islands underlying on an linear barcode -pattern pathway. In this way the strict geometry of the apartment blocks and the natural forms of the roofscape are in contrast.


On one side the roofscape sinks into the ground level making itself visible from the street.  It is also interacting with the residental blocks forming organically shaped  balconies that merge with the green islands. Block 3 is consisted of an orthogonal plinth with commercial use under which there is a two – storey parking garage with 500 parking spaces.

The two residential blocks are placed above it, forming a microurban situation offering,together with the roofscape, their residents a private leisure area and park. The facades facing of the residental blocks that face the street are a grid of textured white Croatian limestone. The appartments size  varies from 55m2 to 110 m2 and all have  spacious outdoor areas within the main volume of the block. The entrance is through the  central core and through the entrances in the plinth.  The different facade surfaces differentiate the commercial from the residental function. Block 3 handles retail and modern living in an attractive manner offering a living  quality for it’s users but also on a larger urban scale for the whole area.