The project is located in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, which also known as the “Optical Valley of China”. The master plan consists of two towers connected with a commercial podium and four modern new plant buildings. Two towers are functional buildings for office, research and development center, and high-rise apartments.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Industrial (Built)

Project Name:   Biolake Biological Industrial Base
Category:   Architecture: Industrial (Built)
Studio Name:  SDD Architects
Design Team:  Main Designer/Architect: Bertran Sennwald

Team Member: Conan Zhan, Peng Peng, Ben Lucas
Area:  178’004 m2
Year: 2021 – 2024
Location:  Wuhan, China
Render Credits: SDD Architects  

Biolake Biological Industrial Base | SDD Architects - Sheet2
©SDD Architects

Inspired by genome sequencing in the agricultural research field, the facade is composed of mainly vertical panels and a well-integrated lighting concept. Featuring a regular façade rhythm, the size of glass and aluminum panels can be standardized to be better controlled the cost and eased the façade maintenance.

Biolake Biological Industrial Base | SDD Architects - Sheet4
©SDD Architects

The main entrances of two towers are optimized to make full use of the green courtyard and create a more comfortable and pleasant space for entering to buildings. The places of respite, green infrastructure and low-impact development strategies are also well integrated.

Biolake Biological Industrial Base | SDD Architects - Sheet5
©SDD Architects

The design brings a fresh and harmonious language unifying different building volumes as a whole, and considering of the people well-being and comfort.