The Autonomous Travel Suite integrates transportation and hospitality through a driver-less, mobile hotel suite offering door-to-door transportation service between the traveler’s home and destination. In a compact hotel room environment, the suite is equipped with basic sleeping, working, and washroom facilities, allowing the guests to use their travel time more efficiently and productively. Using Autonomous Driving technology, the travel suite takes you to multiple destinations, serving as the traveler’s personal vehicle and mobile hotel room.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Hospitality (Concept)
Architect: Aprilli
Team Members: Steve Lee
Country: United States

Autonomous Travel Suite communicates through a central platform called Autonomous Interface that controls the various operations and services between the travel suites and hotel facilities using advanced technology. Travelers can easily specify multiple destinations and necessary services through an online app, and the Autonomous Travel Suite tailor-made to meet the specifications will be automatically delivered to the travelers’ front door. Autonomous Interface will then analyze the best routes and communicate with nearby facilities to arrange the requested services along the way. It will automatically control indoor environments and check with your vehicle’s status to make sure everything is in the best condition along the trip.

The Autonomous Travel Suites are operated by the Autonomous Hotel Chain, which is a network of hotel facilities offering stationary parent units and public amenities which can be added individually depending on the travelers need. It provides public amenities such as Food and Beverage, meeting rooms, spa- pool & gym along with housekeeping, maintenance & charging services for the travel suites. Each facility can be booked individually, meaning travelers can use any nearby Autonomous Hotel facilities such as gym, pool or meeting rooms as much as they need during their travel. Autonomous Hotel also has unmanned service vehicles that can be dispatched to the nearby Autonomous Travel Suites, providing fresh batteries or room services. Autonomous Hotels offer parent units where individual Autonomous Travel Suites can dock into, forming upscale integrated units.

Autonomous Travel Suite is a new form of business (named Transpitality) which integrates transportation and hotel into one form offering flexible travel schedules, lower costs, privacy, and, above all, comfort. Compared to domestic flights or train travels that require multiple steps of transfers and check-ins throughout the travel, Autonomous Travel Suite operates as your personal rental car and hotel room, providing unlimited flexibility and mobility at a cheaper cost.

Transpitality = Transportation + Hospitality
Autonomous Travel Suite introduces a new business concept named Transpitality, which extends a conventional scope of Hospitality to the field of Transportation. As Autonomous Driving Technology enables people to be freed from the driving wheel, interior spaces of vehicles will be turned into mobile rooms with customized layouts since people will be able to spend more time using the time more productively. In a broad definition, Transpitality means any kind of service that can be provided once you enter an Autonomous Driving Vehicle or Mobile Room. Autonomous Travel Suite shows the potential of consolidating different means of transportation and Hospitality service in a new way using emerging technologies.

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