Angelina Tea Room located at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore is a mix of tea boutique and café which serves lunch and dinner completed by various selection of high-quality teas. Angelina is a franchised famous tea house from Paris, France, which adopts a sophisticated a grand décor.
Designer: Lia Cristiyana Hoetama
Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Type: Hospitality

Angelina Tea Room makes an initial impression by incorporating white and gold colors as a symbol of luxury and refinement. The design is influenced by the French architecture main characteristics which are symmetrical and organized. It is easily organized by its intricate designed columns which gives a majestic and dominating feeling.

The space is divided into two according to their function. The boutique area located at the Ground Floor of Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre is specifically designed as a boutique which offers walk-in customers various selection of teas and pastries. The dining area located at Canal Bridge, specifically designed to provide a dine-in experience for customers. Both of the areas are located across each other, separated by public walkway.

The island at the dining area is dedicated for food preparation and also functioned as a bottom cabinet to store the tableware. The glass ceiling that is installed along the Canal Bridge area emphasizes light source of the dining area during the day.

Lia Cristiyana Hoetama
Lia Cristiyana Hoetama was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1993. She studied interior design at Raffles Design Institute Singapore and received her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2014. After graduated, she worked as a full-time interior designer at Lux Design Pte Ltd in Singapore for 3 years, where she was able to pour her creativity into interior design projects in professional world. She moved to Toronto, Canada in 2018 to study Post-Graduate Marketing Management Program at Humber College.
Her goals are to combine her marketing and interior design knowledge to create a functional and stylish design throughout the space and to make homeowners feel good about their decision towards their new homes.