At the corner of the Aimé Césaire Boulevard and the main boulevard of La Défense, the large white monolith reveals beautiful asperities playing the warm alliance of wood and glass before proposing an emblematic entrance that is both gigantic and reassuring, like the entrance to a cave.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2021
Second Award | Category: Office Building (Built)

Project Name: Origine
Project Category: Office Building
Studio Name: Maud Caubet Architectes & Quadri Fiore Architecture
Design Team: Architectes : Maud Caubet Architectes et Quadri Fiore Architecture (associated agencies) / Project Manager: Laureline Cappone, Francesco Girardi, Amélie Authier, Nina Maeno,  Pauline Fernandez, Oscar Metz
Area: France
Year: 2021
Location: Nanterre (92), France
Construction : Bateg
Bim Manager : Jérôme Einbinder
Consultants: SCB Economies, Artelia, Atelier Volga, Interface, OASIIS, EGIS/ELIOT, BERIM
Photography Credits: Nicolas Trouillard
Text Credits: Maud Caubet Architectes

Origine - Sheet1
©Nicolas Trouillard



Invoking our primal instincts, the Origine entrance welcomes and shelters, inviting us to discover a wooden hall flooded by zenithal light.

Origine - Sheet2
©Nicolas Trouillard

Origine takes up the technical challenge of renewing wooden architecture for contemporary volumes thanks to an 8-storey wood-metal-concrete structure as well as an intimately linked interior and landscape design.

The project was designed with a bioclimatic approach. It incorporates geothermal energy, connection to urban heating networks, integrated photovoltaic panels, natural light, and rainwater recovery.

Origine - Sheet3
©Nicolas Trouillard

The energy centre, which manages the storage and distribution of energy, as well as its design and execution using digital mock-up (BIM) also make Origine a state-of-the-art smart building.

Nature is an integral part of the project. Origine has almost 6,500 m² of landscaped areas. The loggias, terraces, and generous circulation spaces, which are conducive to informal exchanges, as well as the care taken with acoustics and light, all contribute to this quest for well-being at work.