These are two identical houses designed for two brothers. The houses have been designed on a corner plot of size 60’X66′.
Project Status: Conceptual
Architects: Soul Ziv Architecture
Location: India
Site: 60’X66′
Project Year: 2018

The spatial requirements inside the house are very conventional, but apart from these, they had one very specific requirement which was the deciding factor of the entire project design. They wanted the house to stand out as the grandest house built in the city. Thus, started the entire mood board formation by the clients themselves with images of houses of different styles of which some were possible and some weren’t.

As designers, we had complete clarity on how we could achieve a good design. The design has a very minimal approach with the use of only straight horizontal and vertical lines and a very subtle combination of colors and materials. We decided to use White color because it really complimented the stone cladding wall and the Brown chajjas and the balcony. Even though these surface treatments are very less in the area, the White colour makes them stand out very boldly.

Since two separate yet identical houses were to be designed on one big plot, for two brothers that too, there is no physical barrier between the two houses. Just a small green space between them. We also wanted to make sure that we were able to provide some landscape spaces, which we were able to achieve. There is a landscape space right in front of the living space, facing the main road. Even though it faces the main road, we were able to add a barrier between the landscape and the road for privacy. Since the entire house is built on a plinth of height 3 feet, the wall provided in front blocks any direct view from the road to the landscape area and because of the plinth height, there is no cutting down of direct sunlight coming into the landscape area. Another reason why the entire compound wall in the front has been designed with lots of slits. There are landscape areas provided on the top floor as well, on the common balcony and the master bedroom balcony.

As a design studio, this was our very first architectural project and was quite an exciting exercise for us. The elevation and the roofing design was quite interesting for which we had tried out many options, one of which can be seen in one of the photos.

Rohit Choudhary

Completed my bachelor’s degree in architecture from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore India in the year 2014. I did my final year training at a design firm called Studio 4A based in Bangalore. It was right after my internship when I got the perfect opportunity to design the interiors for my own house, where I got to experiment a lot and try out all that I had learnt during my internship. Following this, I worked for a year at another design firm called Design Forum based in Bangalore and after that, I worked at Total Environment for two years, also based in Bangalore. In 2017, right after I quit my job I started practising on my own. My primary interests lie in designing of houses, commercial buildings, open public spaces like parks and other recreational spaces, interior designing for houses, offices, etc and also graphic designing.
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